comparison cli-service.c @ 340:454a34b2dfd1

Fixes from Erik Hovland: cli-authpubkey.c: fix leak of keybuf cli-kex.c: fix leak of fingerprint fp cli-service.c: remove commented out code dropbearkey.c: don't attepmt to free NULL key on failure common-kex.c: only free key if it is initialised keyimport.c: remove dead encrypted-key code don't leak a FILE* loading OpenSSH keys rsa.c, dss.c: check return values for some libtommath functions svr-kex.c: check return value retrieving DH kex mpint svr-tcpfwd.c: fix null-dereference if remote tcp forward request fails tcp-accept.c: don't incorrectly free the tcpinfo var
author Matt Johnston <>
date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 09:17:18 +0000
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339:31743c9bdf78 340:454a34b2dfd1
80 TRACE(("leave recv_msg_service_accept: done ssh-connection")) 80 TRACE(("leave recv_msg_service_accept: done ssh-connection"))
81 return; 81 return;
82 } 82 }
83 83
84 dropbear_exit("unrecognised service accept"); 84 dropbear_exit("unrecognised service accept");
85 /* m_free(servicename); not reached */
87 } 85 }