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-For 1.06
+stopped at ch12
+-- needs examples for ecc/dsa!!! (and for asn.1)
-1. export ECC functions globally [e.g. mulmod and the sets]
-   - goal is tv_gen module and test vectors
-2. ASN.1 SET and T61String
-3. phase out DH code [RSA/ECC/DSA is enough]
-4. Some ASN.1 demo programs [for now read the source code!]
-5. Start working towards making the bignum code plugable
-6. Look into other ECC point muls and consider a "precomp" interface 
-7. Add OID for ciphers and PRNGs to their descriptors
+must have for v1.16
+- document PK build flags
+- document makefile flags [INSTALL_* for instance]
+- prepare manual for printing (both soft and hard cover)
+Nice to have [in order of precedence]
+- add X9.63 IES
+- add CPP macros like OpenSSL has for ASN1 (e.g. encode/decode functions, etc) shameless ripoff :-)