diff signkey.c @ 1499:2d450c1056e3

options: Complete the transition to numeric toggles (`#if') For the sake of review, this commit alters only the code; the affiliated comments within the source files also need to be updated, but doing so now would obscure the operational changes that have been made here. * All on/off options have been switched to the numeric `#if' variant; that is the only way to make this `default_options.h.in' thing work in a reasonable manner. * There is now some very minor compile-time checking of the user's choice of options. * NO_FAST_EXPTMOD doesn't seem to be used, so it has been removed. * ENABLE_USER_ALGO_LIST was supposed to be renamed DROPBEAR_USER_ALGO_LIST, and this commit completes that work. * DROPBEAR_FUZZ seems to be a relatively new, as-yet undocumented option, which was added by the following commit: commit 6e0b539e9ca0b5628c6c5a3d118ad6a2e79e8039 Author: Matt Johnston <[email protected]> Date: Tue May 23 22:29:21 2017 +0800 split out checkpubkey_line() separately It has now been added to `sysoptions.h' and defined as `0' by default. * The configuration option `DROPBEAR_PASSWORD_ENV' is no longer listed in `default_options.h.in'; it is no longer meant to be set by the user, and is instead left to be defined in `sysoptions.h' (where it was already being defined) as merely the name of the environment variable in question: DROPBEAR_PASSWORD To enable or disable use of that environment variable, the user must now toggle `DROPBEAR_USE_DROPBEAR_PASSWORD'. * The sFTP support is now toggled by setting `DROPBEAR_SFTPSERVER', and the path of the sFTP server program is set independently through the usual SFTPSERVER_PATH.
author Michael Witten <mfwitten@gmail.com>
date Thu, 20 Jul 2017 19:38:26 +0000
parents 06d52bcb8094
children 5916af64acd4
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--- a/signkey.c	Wed Feb 14 23:09:40 2018 +0800
+++ b/signkey.c	Thu Jul 20 19:38:26 2017 +0000
@@ -78,13 +78,13 @@
 			/* Some of the ECDSA key sizes are defined even if they're not compiled in */
 			if (0
-#ifndef DROPBEAR_ECC_256
+#if !DROPBEAR_ECC_256
-#ifndef DROPBEAR_ECC_384
+#if !DROPBEAR_ECC_384
-#ifndef DROPBEAR_ECC_521
+#if !DROPBEAR_ECC_521
 				) {