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+2013.57 - 
+- Improved initial connection time particularly with high latency connections.
+  The number of round trips has been reduced for both client and server. 
+  CPU time hasn't been changed.
+- Client will attempt to send an initial key exchange packet to save a round
+  trip. Dropbear implements an extension [email protected] to allow
+  the first packet guess to succeed in wider circumstances than the standard
+  behaviour. When communicating with other implementations the standard
+  behaviour is used.
+- Client side: when public key or password authentication with
+  $DROPBEAR_PASSWORD is used, an initial authentication request will
+  be sent immediately rather than querying the list of available methods.
+  This behaviour is enabled by CLI_IMMEDIATE_AUTH option (on by default),
+  please let the Dropbear author know if it causes any interoperability
+  problems.
+- Implement client escape characters ~. (terminate session) and 
+  ~^Z (background session)
+- Server will more reliably clean up utmp when connection is closed
+- Don't crash if /dev/urandom isn't writable (RHEL5), thanks to Scott Case
+- Add "-y -y" client option to skip host key checking, thanks to Hans Harder
+- scp didn't work properly on systems using vfork(), thanks to Frank Van Uffelen
+- Added IUTF8 terminal mode support. Not yet standardised though seems that it
+  will soon be
+- Some verbose DROPBEAR_TRACE output is now hidden unless $DROPBEAR_TRACE2
+  enviroment variable is set 
 2013.56 - Thursday 21 March 2013
 - Allow specifying cipher (-c) and MAC (-m) lists for dbclient