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Idle timeout patch from Farrell Aultman. Needs testing, unsure if server code works
author Matt Johnston <matt@ucc.asn.au>
date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 14:11:06 +0000
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   to end up at host3 via the other two, using SSH TCP forwarding. It's a bit
   like onion-routing. All connections are established from the local machine.
   The comma-separated syntax can also be used for scp/rsync, eg
-	  scp -S dbclient [email protected],[email protected],canyons:/tmp/dump .
+	  rsync -a -e dbclient [email protected],[email protected],martello:/home/matt/ ~/backup/
   to bounce through a few hosts.
 - Allow restrictions on authorized_keys logins such as restricting commands