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- Update manuals, include section on authorized_keys - Change default PATH to /usr/bin:/bin - Mention DEBUG_TRACE in -v help text
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date Wed, 05 Nov 2008 14:14:40 +0000
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+- Add "netcat-alike" option (-B) to dbclient, allowing Dropbear to tunnel
+  standard input/output to a TCP port-forwarded remote host.
+- Add "proxy command" support to dbclient, to allow using a spawned process for
+  IO rather than a direct TCP connection. eg
+	  dbclient remotehost
+  is equivalent to
+	  dbclient -J 'nc remotehost 22' remotehost
+  (the hostname is still provided purely for looking up saved host keys)
+- Combine netcat-alike and proxy support to allow "multihop" connections, with
+  comma-separated host syntax.  Allows running
+	  dbclient [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
+  to end up at host3 via the other two, using SSH TCP forwarding. It's a bit
+  like onion-routing. All connections are established from the local machine.
+  The comma-separated syntax can also be used for scp/rsync, eg
+	  scp -S dbclient [email protected],[email protected],canyons:/tmp/dump .
+  to bounce through a few hosts.
+- Allow restrictions on authorized_keys logins such as restricting commands
+  to be run etc. This is a subset of those allowed by OpenSSH, doesn't
+  yet allow restricting source host.
+- Use vfork() for scp on uClinux
+- Default to PATH=/usr/bin:/bin for shells.
+- Report errors if -R forwarding fails
+- Add counter mode cipher support, which avoids some security problems with the
+  standard CBC mode.
+- Support [email protected] delayed compression for client/server. It can be
+  required for the Dropbear server with the '-Z' option. This is useful for
+  security as it avoids exposing the server to attacks on zlib by
+  unauthenticated remote users, though requires client side support.
+- options.h has been split into options.h (user-changable) and sysoptions.h
+  (less commonly changed)
+- Support "dbclient -s sftp" to specify a subsystem
+- Fix a bug in replies to channel requests that could be triggered by recent
+  versions of PuTTY
 0.51 - Thu 27 March 2008
 - Make a copy of password fields rather erroneously relying on getwpnam()