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 In the absence of detailed documentation, some notes follow:
-Public key auth:
+Server public key auth:
 You can use ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the same way as with OpenSSH, just put
 the key entries in that file. They should be of the form:
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+Client public key auth:
+Dropbear can do public key auth as a client, but you will have to convert
+OpenSSH style keys to Dropbear format, or use dropbearkey to create them.
+If you have an OpenSSH-style private key ~/.ssh/id_rsa, you need to do:
+dropbearconvert openssh dropbear ~/.ssh/id_rsa  ~/.ssh/id_rsa.db
+dbclient -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.db <hostname>
+Currently encrypted keys aren't supported, neither is agent forwarding. At some
+stage both hopefully will be.
 If you want to get the public-key portion of a Dropbear private key, look at
 dropbearkey's '-y' option.