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bind to port as well with -b
author Matt Johnston <matt@ucc.asn.au>
date Fri, 26 Jan 2018 00:27:48 +0800
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 useful for specifying options for which there is no separate command-line flag.
 For full details of the options listed below, and their possible values, see
+The following options have currently been implemented:
-For now following options have been implemented:
 .B ExitOnForwardFailure
@@ -147,6 +147,10 @@
 .B \-s 
 The specified command will be requested as a subsystem, used for sftp. Dropbear doesn't implement sftp itself but the OpenSSH sftp client can be used eg \fIsftp -S dbclient [email protected]\fR
+.B \-b \fI[address][:port]
+Bind to a specific local address when connecting to the remote host. This can be used to choose from
+multiple outgoing interfaces. Either address or port (or both) can be given.
 .B \-V
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