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Multi-binary compilation

To compile for systems without much space (floppy distributions etc), you
can create a single binary. This will save disk space by avoiding repeated
code between the three components (dropbear, dropbearkey, dropbearconvert).
If you are familiar with "busybox", it's the same principle.

To use the multi-purpose binary, firstly enable the "#define DROPBEAR_MULTI"
line in options.h

Then enable which of the binaries you want to compile, also in options.h
(by default these are all enabled).

You should then "make clean" (if you compiled previously), then

"make dropbearmulti"

("make dropbearmultistatic" will make a static binary).

To use the binary, symlink it from the desired executable:

ln -s dropbearmulti dropbear

then execute as normal:

./dropbear <options here>

"make install" doesn't currently work for multi-binary configuration, however
in most situations where it is being used, the target and build systems will