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Just a test for merging heads
author Matt Johnston <>
date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 08:08:42 +0000
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Things which need doing:

- Make options.h generated from configure perhaps?

- investigate self-pipe?
- fix agent fwd problems
- improve channel window adjustment algorithm (circular buffering)

- Don't use pregenerated AES tables

- check PRNG
- check that there aren't timing issues with valid/invalid user authentication

- IP6 (binding to :: takes over ipv4 as well, sigh. If anyone wants to suggest
  a clean way (ie no V4MAPPED or setsockopt things) please let me know :)
- Binding to different interfaces (see ipv6 probably)

- PAM ??
- inetd
- possible RSA blinding? need to check whether this is vuln to timing attacks
- CTR mode, SSH_MSG_IGNORE sending to improve CBC security
- DH Group Exchange possibly

- Use m_burn for clearing sensitive items in LTM/LTC

- fix scp.c for IRIX