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Improve EOF handling for half-close. Patch from Catalin Patulea Fixes the situation $ ./dbclient [email protected] 'cat; echo foo' ^D <no output>
author Matt Johnston <>
date Sat, 21 Sep 2013 00:17:22 +0800
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Things which might need doing:

- default private dbclient keys

- Make options.h generated from configure perhaps?

- handle /etc/environment in AIX

- check that there aren't timing issues with valid/invalid user authentication

- Binding to different interfaces

- CTR mode
- SSH_MSG_IGNORE sending to improve CBC security
- DH Group Exchange possibly, or just add group14 (whatever it's called today)

- fix scp.c for IRIX

- Be able to use OpenSSH keys for the client? or at least have some form of 
  encrypted keys.

- Client agent forwarding

- Handle restrictions in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ?