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Refer to RFCs rather than drafts, update some section references
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date Sun, 27 Feb 2011 13:57:32 +0000
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struct _m_list;

struct _m_list_elem {
    void *item;
	struct _m_list_elem *next;
	struct _m_list_elem *prev;
    struct _m_list *list;
typedef struct _m_list_elem m_list_elem;

struct _m_list {
    m_list_elem *first;
    m_list_elem *last;

typedef struct _m_list m_list;

m_list * list_new();
void list_append(m_list *list, void *item);
/* returns the item for the element removed */
void * list_remove(m_list_elem *elem);

#endif /* _DROPBEAR_LIST_H */