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A few fixes for cases where compression increases payload sizes, and be more precise about maximum channel sizes
author Matt Johnston <>
date Sat, 22 Feb 2014 18:02:09 +0800
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#ifndef __TEST_H_
#define __TEST_H_

#include <tomcrypt.h>

/* enable stack testing */
/* #define STACK_TEST */

/* stack testing, define this if stack usage goes downwards [e.g. x86] */
#define STACK_DOWN

typedef struct {
    char *name, *prov, *req;
    int  (*entry)(void);
} test_entry;

extern prng_state yarrow_prng;

void run_cmd(int res, int line, char *file, char *cmd);

#define DO(x) do { fprintf(stderr, "%s:\n", #x); run_cmd((x), __LINE__, __FILE__, #x); } while (0);
#define DO(x) do { run_cmd((x), __LINE__, __FILE__, #x); } while (0);

/* TESTS */
int cipher_hash_test(void);
int modes_test(void);
int mac_test(void);
int pkcs_1_test(void);
int store_test(void);
int rsa_test(void);
int katja_test(void);
int ecc_tests(void);
int dsa_test(void);
int der_tests(void);

/* timing */
#define KTIMES  25
#define TIMES   100000

extern struct list {
    int id;
    unsigned long spd1, spd2, avg;
} results[];

extern int no_results;

int sorter(const void *a, const void *b);
void tally_results(int type);
ulong64 rdtsc (void);

void t_start(void);
ulong64 t_read(void);
void init_timer(void);

/* register default algs */
void reg_algs(void);
int time_keysched(void);
int time_cipher(void);
int time_cipher2(void);
int time_cipher3(void);
int time_hash(void);
void time_mult(void);
void time_sqr(void);
void time_prng(void);
void time_rsa(void);
void time_dsa(void);
void time_katja(void);
void time_ecc(void);
void time_macs_(unsigned long MAC_SIZE);
void time_macs(void);
void time_encmacs(void);


/* $Source: /cvs/libtom/libtomcrypt/testprof/tomcrypt_test.h,v $ */
/* $Revision: 1.14 $ */
/* $Date: 2006/10/18 03:36:34 $ */