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add inetd server mode
author Matt Johnston <>
date Sun, 26 Mar 2006 08:26:39 +0000
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From: Bernard Blackham <>
Subject: [tech] axis building
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 20:05:15 +0800
Message-ID: <>

Notes for archiving... this is what you need to build dropbear 0.47.

export PATH=/usr/local/cris:$PATH
export CFLAGS="-melinux -O3 -s -symbolic -D__uClinux__"

./configure --prefix=/mnt/flash/dropbear --disable-zlib --host=cris

make MULTI="1" STATIC="1" PROGRAMS="dropbear dbclient scp"

cris-gcc  -melinux -s -symbolic -static -o dropbearmulti dbmulti.o atomicio.o
bignum.o buffer.o circbuffer.o cli-algo.o cli-auth.o cli-authinteract.o
cli-authpasswd.o cli-authpubkey.o cli-channel.o cli-chansession.o cli-kex.o
cli-main.o cli-runopts.o cli-service.o cli-session.o cli-tcpfwd.o common-algo.o
common-channel.o common-chansession.o common-kex.o common-runopts.o
common-session.o compat.o dbutil.o dss.o fake-rfc2553.o listener.o loginrec.o
packet.o process-packet.o progressmeter.o queue.o random.o rsa.o scp.o scpmisc.o
signkey.o sshpty.o svr-agentfwd.o svr-algo.o svr-auth.o svr-authpam.o
svr-authpasswd.o svr-authpubkey.o svr-chansession.o svr-kex.o svr-main.o
svr-runopts.o svr-service.o svr-session.o svr-tcpfwd.o svr-x11fwd.o tcp-accept.o
termcodes.o libtomcrypt/libtomcrypt.a libtommath/libtommath.a -L
/usr/local/cris/lib/gcc-lib/cris/2.96/elinux/ uccrt/*.o

[ paste the multiline cris-gcc command with `xargs` - MSH ]

There's custom stuff in uccrt/ which should also be archived

Doesn't work quite yet - needs some hacking to get around a buggy


Or for just dropbear without multi:

make STATIC=1

cris-gcc  -o dropbear dbutil.o buffer.o dss.o bignum.o signkey.o rsa.o
random.o queue.o atomicio.o compat.o  fake-rfc2553.o common-session.o packet.o
common-algo.o common-kex.o common-channel.o common-chansession.o termcodes.o
loginrec.o tcp-accept.o listener.o process-packet.o common-runopts.o
circbuffer.o svr-kex.o svr-algo.o svr-auth.o sshpty.o svr-authpasswd.o
svr-authpubkey.o svr-session.o svr-service.o svr-chansession.o svr-runopts.o
svr-agentfwd.o svr-main.o svr-x11fwd.o svr-tcpfwd.o svr-authpam.o
libtomcrypt/libtomcrypt.a libtommath/libtommath.a  -melinux -s -symbolic
-static -L /usr/local/cris/lib/gcc-lib/cris/2.96/elinux/ uccrt/*.o