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Re-import libtomcrypt 1.05 for cleaner propagating. From crypt-1.05.tar.bz2, SHA1 of 88250202bb51570dc64f7e8f1c943cda9479258f
author Matt Johnston <>
date Wed, 08 Mar 2006 12:58:00 +0000
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For 1.06

1. export ECC functions globally [e.g. mulmod and the sets]
   - goal is tv_gen module and test vectors
2. ASN.1 SET and T61String
3. phase out DH code [RSA/ECC/DSA is enough]
4. Some ASN.1 demo programs [for now read the source code!]
5. Start working towards making the bignum code plugable
6. Look into other ECC point muls and consider a "precomp" interface 
7. Add OID for ciphers and PRNGs to their descriptors