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More changes for KEX and ECDH. Set up hash descriptors, make ECC code work, ses.hash and ses.session_id are now buffers (doesn't compile)
author Matt Johnston <>
date Fri, 29 Mar 2013 00:28:09 +0800
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CFLAGS = /I../src/headers/ /I./ /Ox /DWIN32 /DLTC_SOURCE /W3 /Fo[email protected]

OBJECTS=base64_test.obj cipher_hash_test.obj der_tests.obj            \
dsa_test.obj ecc_test.obj mac_test.obj modes_test.obj pkcs_1_test.obj \
rsa_test.obj store_test.obj test_driver.obj x86_prof.obj katja_test.obj

tomcrypt_prof.lib: $(OBJECTS)
	lib /out:tomcrypt_prof.lib $(OBJECTS)