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import of libtommath 0.32
author Matt Johnston <>
date Sun, 19 Dec 2004 11:33:56 +0000
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CC = icc

CFLAGS += -I../

# optimize for SPEED
# -mcpu= can be pentium, pentiumpro (covers PII through PIII) or pentium4
# -ax?   specifies make code specifically for ? but compatible with IA-32
# -x?    specifies compile solely for ? [not specifically IA-32 compatible]
# where ? is 
#   K - PIII
#   W - first P4 [Williamette]
#   N - P4 Northwood
#   P - P4 Prescott
#   B - Blend of P4 and PM [mobile]
# Default to just generic max opts
CFLAGS += -O3 -xN -ip

# default lib name (requires install with root)
# LIBNAME=-ltommath

# libname when you can't install the lib with install

#provable primes
pprime: pprime.o
	$(CC) pprime.o $(LIBNAME) -o pprime

# portable [well requires clock()] tuning app
tune: tune.o
	$(CC) tune.o $(LIBNAME) -o tune
# same app but using RDTSC for higher precision [requires 80586+], coff based gcc installs [e.g. ming, cygwin, djgpp]
tune86: tune.c
	nasm -f coff timer.asm
	$(CC) -DX86_TIMER $(CFLAGS) tune.c timer.o  $(LIBNAME) -o tune86
# for cygwin
tune86c: tune.c
	nasm -f gnuwin32 timer.asm
	$(CC) -DX86_TIMER $(CFLAGS) tune.c timer.o  $(LIBNAME) -o tune86

#make tune86 for linux or any ELF format
tune86l: tune.c
	nasm -f elf -DUSE_ELF timer.asm
	$(CC) -DX86_TIMER $(CFLAGS) tune.c timer.o $(LIBNAME) -o tune86l
# spits out mersenne primes
mersenne: mersenne.o
	$(CC) mersenne.o $(LIBNAME) -o mersenne

# fines DR safe primes for the given config
drprime: drprime.o
	$(CC) drprime.o $(LIBNAME) -o drprime
# fines 2k safe primes for the given config
2kprime: 2kprime.o
	$(CC) 2kprime.o $(LIBNAME) -o 2kprime

mont: mont.o
	$(CC) mont.o $(LIBNAME) -o mont

	rm -f *.log *.o *.obj *.exe pprime tune mersenne drprime tune86 tune86l mont 2kprime pprime.dat *.il