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Dropbear for Debian

This package will attempt to setup the Dropbear ssh server to listen on
port 22.  If the OpenSSH server package ("openssh-server") is installed,
the file /etc/default/dropbear will be set up so that the server does not
start by default.

You can run Dropbear concurrently with OpenSSH 'sshd' by modifying
/etc/default/dropbear so that "NO_START" is set to "0", and changing the
port number that Dropbear runs on.  Follow the instructions in the file.

This package suggests you install the "openssh-client" package, which
provides the "ssh" client program, as well as the "/usr/bin/scp" binary
you will need to be able to retrieve files via SCP from a server running

See the Dropbear homepage for more information: