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some linting after fuzz merge (#60) * fix prototype * remove extra comma * use m_free after m_strdup
author François Perrad <>
date Sat, 03 Mar 2018 04:06:45 +0100
parents 119a459b00d0
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#include "dbhelpers.h"
#include "includes.h"

/* Erase data */
void m_burn(void *data, unsigned int len) {

#if defined(HAVE_MEMSET_S)
	memset_s(data, len, 0x0, len);
#elif defined(HAVE_EXPLICIT_BZERO)
	explicit_bzero(data, len);
	/* This must be volatile to avoid compiler optimisation */
	volatile void *p = data;
	memset((void*)p, 0x0, len);