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Add SSH_ASKPASS and DROPBEAR_PASSWORD to the dbclient manpage
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date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 13:25:02 +0000
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 a certain period of inactivity. The trade-off is that a session may be
 closed if there is a temporary lapse of network connectivity. A setting
 if 0 disables keepalives.
+dbclient can use an external program to request a password from a user.
+SSH_ASKPASS should be set to the path of a program that will return a password
+on standard output. This program will only be used if either DISPLAY is set and
+standard input is not a TTY, or the environment variable SSH_ASKPASS_ALWAYS is
+A password to use for remote authentication can be specified in the environment
+variable DROPBEAR_PASSWORD. Care should be taken that the password is not
+exposed to other users on a multi-user system, or stored in accessible files.
 Matt Johnston ([email protected]).