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 on the remote host.
 .B \-t
-Allocate a pty.
+Allocate a PTY.
 .B \-T
-Don't allocate a pty.
+Don't allocate a PTY.
 .B \-N
 Don't request a remote shell or run any commands. Any command arguments are ignored.
@@ -137,6 +137,11 @@
 in the example above, the same way as other -L TCP forwarded hosts are. Host keys are 
 checked locally based on the given hostname.
+Typing a newline followed by the  key sequence \fI~.\fR (tilde, dot) will terminate a connection.
+The sequence \fI~^Z\fR (tilde, ctrl-z) will background the connection. This behaviour only
+applies when a PTY is used.